Your shareholders rely on you to distribute and promote your products within our market, and to strengthen the good name of your business. Let us support you in doing so.

With S&D Pharma CZ as your partner, there is no need for you to build up costly infrastructure, pay high travelling expenses or create sales and distribution channels. S&D Pharma CZ provides you with an instant platform to launch your products with all the needed professional support. With S&D Pharma CZ you get immediate access to our experienced team of regulatory and marketing specialists and our qualified sales team.

We have a team of internal and external specialists, including medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers and lawyers with close ties to the pharmaceutical, medical and scientific communities, and with a broad overview of the current business and legal environment. In this way we maintain the professional expertise to negotiate each step in the registration, importation and promotion process for pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices.

We work closely with the four major pharmaceutical distributors in the Czech Republic and maintain consignment stocks with two of them. This distribution arrangement makes sure that we can supply our products directly to every pharmacy in the country.

Let us take care of regulatory issues, legal and patent compliance, distribution, sales and customer relations and marketing.

We will be your representative in the Czech Republic who will take over the responsibilty for every step from the distribution to marketing.


We manage the following activities for our clients:

  • – Registration of the pharmaceutical products to get the Marketing Authorization
  • – Communication with relevant Drug authorities, including arranging consultancy meetings with them
  • – Notifications processes of medical devices and food suplemments
  • – Package and leaflet design
  • – Approval of import and distribution prices for medicinal products
  • – Import of the medicinal products from EU and non EU countries
  • – EU batch release for non EU medicinal products into free circulation within the EU
  • – Patent checking in a given territory
  • – TM registration in a given territory
  • – Providing Pharmacovigilance support in accordance with valid EU guidelines

Our knowledge, skill and reputation with industry regulators can help our clients bring their products to the market and protect their interests when challenged.

We managed to obtain approval and registration for a large number of medicinal products within the last 18 years due to the expertise of our two regulatory managers, as well as external regulatory specialists and consultants.


From the factory gate to the patient’s hand, medicine passes through many steps.

S&D Pharma CZ‘s refined distribution infrastructure gives our manufacturer partners the ability to deliver products from our portfolio safely, securely and efficiently to where they are dispensed or administered.

Our customized analytics solutions track pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical product storage, handling and dispensing in real time along the supply chain. Our process is supported by our customer relations management and inventory management systems. We are continuously monitoring market needs, customers and competitors´ behaviors on regional and national scales. This allows us to react quickly to changes in market needs and gives us ability to adapt in a small time span. This assures the process is handled efficiently and keeps our business competitive.

S&D Pharma CZ has consignment stocks with two main Czech distribution companies Pharmos and Phoenix and works closely with the other two major pharmaceutical distributors in the Czech Republic.


Optimizing Access, Delivering Value

Our comprehensive portfolio of promotional and marketing services enables to prepare and implement a tailored brand strategy for each product, as well as to measure the sales eficacy . S&D Pharma CZ facilitates access for your pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products and delivers your brand message to patients, doctors and pharmacies via multiple marketing activities such as:

  • – Market analysis for individual products and competitive positioning
  • – Designing and organizing promotional activities
  • – Advertising in professional periodics
  • – Advertising in magazines and websites for end users
  • – Marketing activities with chosen pharmacy chains
  • – Preparation of promotional materials
  • – Merchandizing and point of sales campaigns
  • – Cooperation with VIPs and Opinion leaders
  • – Support of patients‘ associations
  • – Public relations campaigns for medical devices and food supplements
  • – Providing feedback from the field

Our goal is the continuous promotion of our customers’ products by providing high quality services, joint planning and organizing activities aimed at achieving the best business results, and by following ethical practices towards the end users as well as medical specialists.
For this purpose we have a team of medical sales representatives in the field with number of calls every day, having direct contact with medical specialists and pharmacies.
The sales activity of our medical representatives is organized on a territorial and functional basis, taking into account the sort of marketing campaign.
Our creative team in the field is able to turn marketing ideas into reality and contribute to higher sales of your products.